Our mission is to give all members the opportunity to live a better life; client happiness is at the heart of everything we do. Our global lifestyle managers are on-hand 24 hours a day, to expertly manage whatever is required.  


Whether it’s securing a table at an overbooked Michelin-starred restaurant, arranging a last-minute business trip, sourcing a world-renowned wellness expert, finding a dream home, or gaining access to the world’s most elite clubs and educators, our service is unsurpassed.  


We know the greatest luxury of all is time, and at S2 we faultlessly ensure that every detail is carefully considered.  Our global team, overseen by founders Goran Svilar and Ali Samli, will seamlessly step in and take over your daily errands and chores to ensure that households and lifestyles run swiftly, efficiently and entirely smoothly.

From courier services, sourcing babysitters, booking a jet, organising personal trainers, access to the finest doctors, arranging chauffeur services and dog walkers, no task is too big or small for our dedicated S2 team.



Part of the limitless lifestyle we offer at S2 is access to exceptional experiences. We have long-established relationships with the world’s most prestigious and exclusive collection of restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels; we have spent years developing trust and respect between our teams and theirs. These personal relationships allow our members to enjoy access to the hardest-to-get seats and the most sought-after tickets in town.

Additionally, our luxury hotels partners, along with both tour and travel alliances, ensure that no matter where they decide to go, we always offer our members the very best of the best.



Enjoy the world’s most luxurious experience in the last frontier of the Antarctic, clambering through pristine ice caves, spotting unique wildlife and enjoying six course tasting dinners at the South Pole. Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore the wreckage of the infamous and doomed Titanic in a submersible, diving down through both time and history. From horseback riding in the Andes to hiring an exclusive island in French Polynesia, at S2 we regularly curate once in a lifetime travel experiences.


Our dedicated, global team can source the most incredible and elusive holidays in the world – creating incredible memories to savour for many years to come. 



We understand the value of networking and relationships, and we believe in the power of connection. Our affiliations include the most prestigious and exclusive private members’ clubs and educational institutions worldwide.

Our S2 members benefit from matchless access to memberships within the places that they want to be.  



We offer clients access to the world’s most coveted and desirable luxury goods. 


Our ability to source waitlisted handbags, elite supercars and limited-edition watches and jewellery is unsurpassed. From the smallest request to the rarest, nothing is impossible for our global personal shopping team.  



We work with some of the most renowned education advisors in the UK to provide bespoke professional consultation that can safeguard a bright future for your child.


And our comprehensive service goes far beyond mere advice or direction towards the best school, through our bespoke service, we provide the best-in-class private tuition, to build a pathway to any desired school or university worldwide.



In collaboration with the most prestigious artists, galleries, seasoned experts, auction houses and fairs around the world, S2 offers both art advisory and consultancy services.


We are knowledgeable and experienced in art and design, and we regularly fulfil the wishes of the most discerning of clients.



Health and wellbeing are highly valued at S2, and our members always have access to the world’s best care and lifestyle specialists. 


In terms of conventional medicine, we offer a medical concierge service 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and provide clients with access to the most respected and in-demand surgeons, consultants and wellbeing experts.



Thoughtfully designed and brilliantly delivered; we take great pride in making our clients' most special days truly unforgettable. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, our service is bespoke, combined with access to sought-after venues and locations all over the world.


Our dedicated team of seasoned event planners create outstanding once-in-a-lifetime experiences: from birthday and anniversary celebrations, runway shows and red-carpet events, to weddings, business and product launches.


Our events are entirely tailored to our client’s needs, and offer flair, attention to detail and imagination. And from the moment that the concept begins to take shape, until the last invited guest leaves – our team can be counted on to always deliver the very best.




We offer comprehensive property management services, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, or simply require management of your own household.


Grounded in technology, with an online system accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  S2 allows clients to easily ensure that any requirement a household needs is handled swiftly and smoothly.



Harnessing our personal relationships and deep connections in the field, our network of international property specialists are able to uncover your dream home or office, to rent or buy.


S2 expertly manages all matters of relocation, including purchasing or selling off-market and exclusive properties. Whether the desire is to buy, sell or rent a first-rate residence, our specialists are able to find the perfect property that is personally tailored to suit your needs.



Our mission is to get you inside the door, into the courtside seat, at the overbooked table, or next to Anna W in the fashion FROW.


At S2, we specialise in entrée, and our team offers VIP access to the most in demand nightclubs, concerts, exhibitions, private dinner parties, VIP wine tastings, and exclusive backstage tours, fashion shows and sporting events.


Devoted to offering remarkable and unforgettable experiences, we love nothing more than to turn our members’ deepest desires into a reality.